Qs re "Winter Aconite"?

rouge21_gw(5)November 9, 2013

I am putting in some last bulbs before the real winter weather sets in. Aconite is appealing due to its very early flowering.

- Does it consistently achieve dormancy? If so, when is this most likely to occur?

- How aggressively does it spread? And if so is it easy to remove unwanted plants to keep it in check?

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

It will go dormant around when the tulips bloom and you won't see it again until March. It will seed out but I've never heard anyone complain it is a pest. If it gets too thick the seedlings are fairly easy to control, and usually people complain that it doesn't establish fast enough rather than the other way around.

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Thanks 'kato'. I am always searching for early bloomers to take advantage of areas which have more sun exposure in April while the many surrounding trees have yet to leaf out.

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Hi rouge,
I checked my pics from this spring. They turned completely yellow around early June. I didn`t pull or prune the old foliage.

The yellowish bits are Eranthis hyemalis.
O, and I find them tricky to establish. They are not actual bulbs but some other corm or something and often get too dry while sitting on the shelf.

IME you get only a little percentage to grow. So either buy and plant really early (perhaps park in pots or something) or try to use seeds. They burst out of the seed pod when they are mature.

So, thats my shady border in a back yard with some hours of direct sunlight.

(and sorry about the S. mischtschenkoana, I tried once to answer your email, but wasn`t sure whether it reached you)

Bye, Lin

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Thanks so much Lin for the detailed reply. I have heard that it is hit and miss getting them to grow from corms but that is all I have (they have been soaking in water for the past day and I will plant them tomorrow).

I didnt get your email Lin! Please try to message me again as I would love to hear of your experience with mischtschenkoana.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

They look their best under trees in sparse grass. They get lost in a flower bed. They bloom in January here.

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Thanks for that 'flora'.

January for you might translate to late March or early April for me (depending on the amount of snow still around).

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In Oklahoma, somewhere between January and March they'd bloom.

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