Question about Legumes and 3-1-2 fert ratio

Oxboy555(Las Vegas)March 11, 2014

Talking about non-veggie legumes like sennas, sephora, brooms etc...

Supposedly these plants can 'fix' nitrogen out of the atmosphere and don't require fertilizer that contains nitrogen.

Yet, we've read that nearly all plants respond well to the 3-1-2 fert ratio.

Is it better to feed these legumes with a 0-1-2? Or is there no harm in feeding the 3-1-2 as with nearly all other plants? Thoughts?

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Oxboy555, "Supposedly these plants can 'fix' nitrogen out of the atmosphere and don't require fertilizer that contains nitrogen."
As I understand it, there is a symbiotic bacterium which fixes the nitrogen in the soil atmosphere and makes it available to the legume; in return for carbohydrates from the legume.
The amount of nitrogen so provided will depend upon the quality of the soil atmosphere, the quantity and distribution of the bacterium and even some environmental conditions.
In the commercial production of black-eye peas, we found it necessary to coat the seed material with the bacterium and provide nitrogen in the fertilizer application.

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