Van Engelen 40% off

Prettypetals_GA_7-8November 17, 2011

Woo hoo!! Not that I need anymore to plant but am gonna go look anyway!! Judy

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Hey don't be too quick to bump this kind of important sale info down!

I'm wondering how people made out on this sale. I got a bit carried away last year, but this year I'm holding back.... Other interests this fall, not because the 40% off isnt awesome!

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I bought some bulbs and lillies right after I got the email notice from Van E. What I really like about them is their swift order processing. I ordered last thursday morning, when I knew friday's weather was forecasted to be nice, and they arrived the next morning. I don't get this fast delivery on bulbs from anyone else that I know.

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Hey Kato, I didn't think anyone was interested so I just bumped it to mooooove it along. lol!! I got carried away last year too but ordered from Scheepers because I forgot all about VE. Anyway, I know they are sister companies or something like that but with the big quantities I buy you get a better deal at VE and now 40% I had to refrain but wanted to share with everyone.

Wow Paula, next day delivery. It takes them a few days to get to me here in Georgia. But love them when they do get here!!

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Bumping....yes I'm fortunate to live within 1 day's UPS delivery from VE. I do have to buy $50.00 minimum though...and shipping :-/ But, bulbs do make a better impression in quantity....rationalize ..rationalize lol

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