Invasion identification?

redshirtcat(6a MO StL)March 20, 2011

With the warm temperatures of late I've been taking my containers out during the day and bringing them back in at night. This has led to an explosion of pests - some of which I can't identify:

These are aphids, correct? These are on what I believe is an orange jasmine tree - but I'm not sure about that either - another hand-me-down From Mar 20, 2011

These white egg looking things are in what looks like rotted wood that is staking a citrus tree - could these be termites? From Mar 20, 2011 From Mar 20, 2011

These are near the cyclamen they look somewhat spiderish? I believe I've *had* spidermites before but I've never been able to see them like this. I do see some webbing on the cyclamen themselves and more of these little guys as the photos show: From Mar 20, 2011 From Mar 20, 2011 From Mar 20, 2011 From Mar 20, 2011

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think a water spray will work on the jasmine - and maybe those mites if they are mites - if the eggs are termites what should be done about those?


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To me it looks like you have a aphid population that is growing everyday. It is true that they wash off with a strong spray if done regularly they can be controlled. I would rather use a superfine horticultural oil, especially on citrus which are also prone to scale which can be controlled with oil but not with water. Al

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

The cyclamen looks as if it has been kept too warm, too wet and possibly too dark which would make it more susceptible to aphids.

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redshirtcat(6a MO StL)

Well it thrived in the same location for about 2 months and looks like it's on its way out now. There's a white one right next to it that is still thriving so I don't know. I watered them both the same amount using a moisture meter and keeping them on the dryer side - they are in south facing windows with supplemental light - but the heat has recently been an issue. That is probably the problem - temperatures here have been around 70 during the day and warmer in the sunroom with the glass hrm...

Thanks Al & Florida I'll keep spraying them with the oil...

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Since some of the pests that attack houseplants are so tiny and hard to detect until they actually become full fledged infestations, I keep a bottle of Schultz's 3-in-1 spray handy. It combats almost everything that can attack my plants. It's an insecticide/miticide/fungicide all in one application.

Outdoors, I try to do everything as organically as I can, except for dealing with the mole problem we have... but inside, I don't want to waste time trying things that might or might not work. I reach for the tried and true chemicals when it comes to the health of my containerized plant collection.

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