Asparagus in a Container

dgbeig(SanFran -z10)March 23, 2011

I've been growing vegetables for about 8 years and have been really wanting to grow asparagus.

Because I rent and have limited space, I have been able to control myself and have not planted it.

But I was ordering some other stuff and the deal was too good, so I broke down and bought some.

So, even though I might be able to find some space in the ground, I would prefer to plant in a container.

I searched for info on growing asparagus in a container, but only found a couple hits.

Has anyone here done this?

I know they need a deep trench, but I seem to have narrow and deep containers, or wide and shallow ones.

What type of container (short of a half barrel) might give me my best shot at some success.

Even if it is just a few spears (three years from now!!!)

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jwahlton(9B Kisimee)

That would be very interesting. I was hoping that you'd get some answers

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littleluey(Zone 9)

Hi, i have asparagus in containers, i use 55gal barrels cut out in half. I had them in a regular pot and when i repoted them in to the 1/2 barrel i noticed how big the roots system is on these plants, so i think they need a lot of room to grow.
So i ended up with 2 plants in one barrel and 1 more in another one. I still need to repot one more i have in a 12" pot.
I have cut some spears already since the repot.
Let us know what you end up doing.

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