potted amaryllids from Plant Delights?

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)November 10, 2013

I've been looking at Plant Delights Nursery's website. They sell a large variety of potted Amaryllids, like Crinums & Lycoris - which appeals to me since the dried out, bare rooted ones you buy in bags take forever to establish, if they do at all.

However, ALL of their potted bulbs are advertised as being in 3.5" pots - that seems VERY small for a large-bulbed plant like a Lycoris...can anyone who has purchased from them tell me what they got? I'd imagine that being EXTREMELY potbound.

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I visited Plant Delights for the first time this fall during one of the weekends that they open to the public. I recall seeing some flowers on both Crinums and Lycoris that they were selling. I think more Lycoris than Crinums were flowering, but there was definitely some of both. I don't recall how big the pots were, but I don't think they were as small as 3.5".


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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

I bought a Mrs James Hendry crinum. I think it came in a 3.5" pot. I was worried it wouldn't be a good value, as they were pretty expensive. But it was fantastic! It was very root bound, but the roots did not look old, and I untangled them carefully before I planted. The plants established really fast, and best of all the pot contained a mother bulb and several offsets. It was so crammed full of plant material that there literally was almost no soil. It was a great value. I wouldn't worry about the small pot size.

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