Crinum vendor questions

cynthianovakNovember 5, 2010

donnabaskets or

I want to give some the crinum milk and wine as a gift. I search and it seems to appear under several different botanical names. I would like to ask Nestor at bulbsnmore because you have used him and he seems to have a tremendous knowledge, but I don't find and email for him.

do you know the answer or which crinum is the tough old one for TX summers that can get dry?

thank you


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I can't help other than to say if you click on the link below, it has a contact link on the left below the member info. That is assuming bulbsnmore is an Ebayer...I see they have crinums.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ebayer bulbsnmore contact info...must log into Ebay.

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thank you, I am not remember ever registering with Ebay but will if I have to.

I did manage to remember that I got a copy of Ogden's Bulbs for the South at a used book store and there I found the answer.

Thank you and great job with those FAQs!

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I looked and read and signed up with Ebay and PPal to buy from this vendor!

The crinum I went for is the Goweni: I had no idea crinums were so varied and that their ancestry was often mysterious. I guess any bulb that's been here 200 years would have some secrets!

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Hi, cynthia. Sorry I didn't see this post before. It's very odd, but I have never seen the "common" old Milk and Wine lilies available commercially. I divided a large clump of mine about a month ago, but all the bulbs have been given to friends. I sure hate it. I would have gladly shared with you. My Stars and Stripes is very close to the old milk and wine. Goweni is beautiful. I feel sure you'll be pleased with it.

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thanks donna
I received my package from Nestor. I went for 1 Jumbo and 3 large. They are beautiful bulbs. You were very right about his bulbs.

So Goweni isn't the old Milk and Wine? Oh well, I tried. At least Goweni is supposed to like it in the heat even if it gets dry.

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Cynthia, there are a million varieties of crinum, & most of them are probably known to their owners as "milk & wine".

& I don't think there's a crinum alive that won't thrive in Texas.

I looked up the Goweni, & it's gorgeous!

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thank you sylvia
the bulbs went to live in Bell county next to a log house in the country. When I started the journey to find milk and wine I was amazed. The process was a bit like a history of crinums in TX. Goweni arrived mid 1800's.

gotta love a plant that can live outside here for that long...and thrive!


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I have to say, about half the hybrids out there look a bit like 'milk and wine' to me, but I am not very discerning I will happily admit!! Oddly enough, I sent some C. amoenum (a species from India) to a grower in TX a few years ago and he said they did not survive on the typical neglect a Crinum can take.....I admit, I was shocked when he told me that. I am glad you found some lovely Crinum for the garden :o) Dan

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