Anyone have Peony bulbs to trade?

greenbug(zone 6_CT)November 17, 2008

Hi All,

I bought some tulip and crocus bulbs but keep putting off planting them because of the deer which I know will come and eat them up.

I have heard that they leave the peonies alone (only time will tell) so I was wondering if anyone has any peony bulbs to trade/exchange.

Let me know, thanks!

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Deer don't seem to want anything to do with peonies - totally deerproof here in my zone 4 yard.

However - herbaceous peonies come from root stock/tree peonies are grafted onto herbaceous root stock - they're not bulbs.

Check out the Peony Forum here on GW for anyone who might have some to trade.

I'm a peony fan, but not a fanatic - they're gorgeous in bloom and a very attractive foliage plant when not in bloom. An all around nice addition to the gardens.

I've gotten some nice ones inexpensively priced at the big box seasonal garden centers. I've also had good luck with the cheap bagged bare root stock appearing in Wal-Mart in the early spring; usually nothing more exotic from there than Sarah Bernhardt or Felix Crousse though.

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greenbug(zone 6_CT)

Oh thanks for the quick reply!!
When do they start appearing in Walmart during spring?
I don't always go to Walmart and would hate to miss the sale.

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Cindi McMurray

Walmart and other discount stores have them in March and April with the other bagged summer bulbs. The best time to plant peonies, though, is in the fall. If you order them online, the reputable sellers will only divide and ship them August-October. I've ordered from Gilbert H Wild and gotten some huge peony roots for just a little more than the puny bagged ones I find at Walmart. The shipping costs are very reasonable and the selection is extensive at Wild's. Other online sellers may have more new introductions, but you'll pay $28+++ instead of $6-$12 you pay at Wilds. The small bagged ones may not bloom for a few years, so you are better off ordering next spring, planting next fall, and seeing nice blooms the following year. You don't find too many people trading peony roots because they don't have to be divided like other perennials.
Hope that helps!

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please share peony with me for red one. i can send you.

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