so you're saying . .i must plant these bulbs?

ChiGardener(z5 Chicago)November 30, 2008

I posted this reply in an existing topic and wanted to put it on it's own here just in case no one visits that one again.

I have BAAAAAGS of bulbs from muscari to daffodils to tulips, sitting in the back of my minivan right now! They've been there since the mid/end of October!!! My plan was to add topsoil and compost to a dip in the yard and then add the bulbs there! Well, I never really finished the back and forth to Home Depot to get the total amount I calculated and well, life just got in the way! I was wanting to save money doing it all myself but it just got really tiring so here I am . . . typing this message. .with over 400 bulbs in my van!!


In order for me to have repeat season blooming I HAVE to get them in the ground?

Would it be possible to put them in pots or a large . ..SOMETHING, with some drainage holes and then try to put them in the ground in say, February? Or is moving them after they've started some root and/or top growth a death sentence???

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Well, 400 is quite a few, but you could put them in a massive pot (I sometimes use the huge black heavy plastic ones they sell at feed centers for animal feed) and then let them grow until next summer before fixing the problem.....not much fun, but the bulbs will be happy, grow, flower and be ready for you next of luck :o) Dan

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ChiGardener(z5 Chicago)

Thank you Dan! I was thinking something like a troth but not metal or wood. Good to know I can get something plastic, even if it's heavy.

Does the planting depth need to be the same for potted bulbs? I'm thinking yes but if it doesn't need to be that'd be nice. Less dirt I have to buy (I should've taken out stock in Home Depot!!)

Idea: would a Rubbermaid storage bin (like 50+ gallons) be suitable or would that crack? I'm thinking no because I have a plastic round container that's been outside since 05 I think, maybe earlier, and it's still intact (but not in use, but filled with dirt from and old planting).

I think I will do just that and then move the bulbs into place next Fall. Plus I can actually draw up a layout.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I would not worry so much about depth since this is a one-time thing where you simply want the bulbs to come out as healthy as they went in and these should have no problem with temps, etc. If you can get them planted and then get the tubs buried under some leaves you still have around I do not see why you will have any problems. This way you can fertilize nice and heavy next spring to ensure good offset production so you will have even more for the yard!! Best of luck :o) Dan

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

OOps. Posted to the other thread.

Be careful the pots don't freeze-thaw too many times (that's where Dan's suggestion to bury the pots under an insulating layer of leaves comes from). Also watch out for water sitting inside the pot rim and freezing!

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

If your container is so deep that it's very expensive to fill with (un-necessary) soil, you can fill the bottom part of the pot with filler: soda cans, plastic milk jugs, styrofoam peanuts, etc. They'll fill in the bottom and then you can just put the amount of soil needed over the top of them. Good luck! (You're not, by any means, the first person who has ever done this. The bulbs will be okay. Honest! )

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Even though these posts were old they were very helpful. I wonder if Chigardener got all those bulbs planted. I thought I had it rough with 135 bulbs to plant and not being prepared.
The advice from bluebonsai101 and donnabaskets was very helpful. Thank You.

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