B & B bulb sale started

xanadu(8/9 N.CA)November 20, 2008

50% off. I do hate the $25.00 surcharge to my area so I compensated by ordering more to spread it out.

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xanadu(8/9 N.CA)

By the way, that's in addition to shipping!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Ouch. That's kind of steep.

I'm going to try and resist. It's cold out and I still have stuff that needs planting..... but.... it's so easy to forget that when I'm cozy inside and the buying is just a click away!

Maybe we'll have a warm December. hmmmmmmmm. I'm going to take one tiny look.

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I still have about 100 bulbs to plant, but I could not resist just a few more. I live here in Virginia so shipping from B&B is very reasonable.

I just hope it warms up a little bit so I don't freeze while I plant them!


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arythrina(z5, S. Indiana)

I caved on the half price sale and bought more... which led me to total up all the bulbs I bought this season... and I hit 625! Oops! They got a lot more of my money than I intended. But really, when you see Zurel tulips left, how can you resist?

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I think I made it. Brent and Becky's fall shipping ends on the 1st and since I made it this far, I think I'm going to be ok. It was touch and go for a while though... who doesn't need a few more tulips or daffs!? lol

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

Boy, I'm glad I missed this thread while there was still time for delivery...LOL. In a weak moment I might have sprung for more money than I'm really willing to spend on bulbs...except for maybe a few Crocosmia I'd like. Then I'd be whining I had more bulbs to try and grow in pots on the deck so critters didn't eat them AND lift/store them for winter in this zone. Maybe next year...

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