Help newbie w/Crinums..

daniellalellNovember 8, 2008

Help me please..I just recieved some crinum bulbs from a fellow GW'er. I put them in a pot on top of my fridge since it is late in the season, plus I don't know if these types are hardy here. I don't know what kind they are, only labeled "pink" and "wine".

The bulbs are dry, should I water them once in awhile and keep them dormanr for the winter in the basement with my brugs, or should I give them some bottom heat and light to get them going?

Since they are already dry, though they do show a tiny bit of green at the top of their "handle"? should I just let them be dormant?

I planted them as I would amaryllis, the top 1/3 of the bulb above soil, and I also put sand on top of the soil to avoid the dreaded fungus gnats.

Help please, I really dont want to lose these, I have wanted crinums for so long, and they are a cherished gift.

Thank you,


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Hi Daniella, Well, my established ones just sit in the garage for the winter and come back every spring and bloom gets down to a low of maybe 40F in there on really cold nights here in zone 6. If they are a standard hybrid they are generally tough as nails so you should have no problem. best of luck :o) Dan

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Thanks you water them at all over the winter while in the garage, like a cup or so every 4-6 weeks or let them stay dry? Is it an attached garage?

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Hi Daniella, Mine get no water at all, but again, they are well-established by the time they go in the garage the first time for the winter so the soil will stay barely damp for a couple of months in all likelihood because they are in large pots with no leaves. My species from South Africa and Madagascar are in the basement (more tender) in small pots and get no water at all and are bone-dry, but that is normal for where they live. The garage is attached which is why it never gets below freezing. Best of luck with yours :o)

I did just get in a really rare Crinum acaule from South Africa and I will keep it growing through the winter because as far as it is concerned it is the start of summer and I want to make sure it thrives after being shipped around the world at considerable expense :o) Dan

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Congrats on the new rare Crinum! I hope to see pix when she blooms for ya!
thank you for all the info, I really appreciate it..I will see what happens with mine, if its starts showing some growth, I will keep it going this winter.

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