Lightweight soil mix

aclumMarch 9, 2007


I started another thread about a week ago regarding using a kid's wading pool as a garden bed. I plan to use this on a tabletop or nursery benches and would like to get a recipe for a good lightweight soil mix. Anyone have one? Since I'll be filling a container with various (probably purchased) stuff rather than amending ground soil, this seems like a good forum for my question.



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I have to give a talk on container gardening, and don't have any gardening books on that subject.Can someone help me by telling me how many plants I can plant in a whiskey barrell, and which would be good for the sun, and for the shade. Also what is the best soil mix. Thanks Peggy1555

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Anne, rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll simply link you to a thread which contains even more links to OTHER discussions regarding various planting mediums. If, after doing a bit of reading, you have further questions, ask away!

Peggy...may I suggest that you post your question in your very own personal thread? This is really Anne's question and yours may not get the attention that you wish. Good luck...there are millions of websites on container gardening and just about as many books! Just use 'Container Gardening' as your search words in Google.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here for a wealth of information!

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Hi Al,

I read all of the thread at the link, and at least skimmed through most all of the previous thread on the subject (whew!). VERY interesting! It certainly seems that the mix would qualify as being lightweight. I'm just wondering if it would work for starting small seeds such as lettuce?

I'm planning to use my table-top wading pool garden as a "salad garden" with direct-seeded lettuce, chives, herbs, etc. and maybe some root vegetables like beets. It seems that the small lettuce seeds in particular might sort of wash towards the bottom of the container in such a loose mix.

Any comments/suggestions?

(I've got another question about capillary action and PWT that I'll post to the other thread).


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