Tamukeyama and Fjellheim Full Repot (w/ pics)

peapod13(8 South Sound WA)March 12, 2011

Today was a typical late winter/early spring day in Olympia (wet and windy), so I decided to repot my other two Acer's into the gritty mix. I followed the same process as when I completed the Sensu repot earlier this week, including cutting the top back and removing all but 2 branches per node. I cut the Fjellheim back pretty hard, because I removed quite a bit of the root mass. The roots on the Fjellheim where mainly large circling and "J" roots that went back under the trunk instead of radiating outward. After removing the many "J" roots and cutting back the circling roots, I had removed more of the root mass than I wanted to, so I cut the top back pretty hard also.

Now on to the photos.

Tamukeyama before repotting. As can be seen, I had already wired the Tamukeyama into the beginings of the shape I want.

Macro of Tamukeyama nursery root ball.

Tamukeyama roots after washing and pruning.

Tamukeyama in new container.

Tamukeyama after pruning the top back a bit.

Fjellheim nursery root ball.

Fjellheim roots after washing and pruning.

Fjellheim in new container.

Fjellheim after quite heavy top pruning.

All three trees are all trussed up with twine and safe in the garage, waiting on leaf out.

I'm excited to see how these trees make out this summer and hopefull that I will be able to shape these trees into the minitures I want them to be.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Looking pretty darn good, Blake. Good job and good luck!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yep, you've got the hang of this alright!
I love that name, "Fjellheim." I love Norse names in general.


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peapod13(8 South Sound WA)

Thanks guys,
I think a Mocca and a Five Vegas Gold Maduro are in store for me this evening. Reward for a job decently done ;-)


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peapod13(8 South Sound WA)

(in my best Homer Simpson voice) Doh!

I meant a mocha.

I really need to slow down and use the preview a little better.


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peapod13(8 South Sound WA)

Bookkeeping update.

Leaves are beginning to emerge on the Tamukeyama.


Still a ways to go on the Fjellheim. Buds have swollen considerably, however no signs of leaves yet.



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peapod13(8 South Sound WA)

Tree update.

Tamukeyama and Fjellheim are lagging behind the other trees. Buds are swelling on the Fjellheim but no sign of leaves yet. Tamukeyama is just begining to push leaf sets and new shoots.


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peapod13(8 South Sound WA)

The Tamukeyama is coming along nicely. Some of the buds haven't opened yet. It may be an indication that I didn't balance the amount of limb removal with the amount of root pruning? However, the buds that have sprouted shoots/leaves are growing fairly vigorously. The leaf changes are very interesting on this tree. They originally came out of the buds green with red tips, changed to a pinkish color with green and are now a deep plum color.

I put the update for the Fjellheim(?) in the wrong post, see the Fireglow/Corallinum post.

As said in the other posts, as long as the trees are making rapid changes, I'll continue to make frequent updates.

I hope everyone enjoys these posts and I don't over do the updates.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It probably does have something to do with the severity of the root pruning. Trees that are dormant or quiescent when root-pruned tend to open buds only as their ability to move water to support them becomes adequate - sort of a little built-in cush.


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peapod13(8 South Sound WA)

Assuming that is the case, will those buds be activated later this summer as the roots replenish themselves ?(I've read some maples put on a second flush mid summer.)

Here's a couple of full tree shots.
The Tamukeyama made little "pads" of leaves sort of like I expected the Sensu to do. I can see in my mind what I want to do with this guy, but we'll see if I can make it come true over the years.

Here's a full tree shot of the Fjellheim (or whatever it turns out to be). I really have no idea where to go with this tree at this point. In time I may wire the lower limbs out flat and try to make it into more of an "Upright Oak" form. Just can't see in my mind where I want to go with it. For now, I'll let it grow and see what happens.

Thanks for following along with my on my journey. I really am enjoying this.


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peapod13(8 South Sound WA)

As I mentioned in the Fireglow thread I've been pruning this year's spring growth for future shape and ramification. The unknown tree (formally referred to as a Fjellheim) has been prune heavily in the top again to encourage thickening of the lower branches. The Tamukeyama has had all shoots trimmed to two sets of buds for shape. Also, the Tamukeyama was thinned to one or two shoots emanating from each node location.


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