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gltrap54January 28, 2012

Just purchased my first EZ Flo injector & I need to know what others are using for granular fertilizer in their injectors..... Miracle Gro comes to mind, but some sources say that it's not a good choice..... Any suggestions?

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Miracle Gro would probably be OK if your water is acidic or void of calcium(hardness), but otherwise you will likely block emiters in whatever fertigation system you use when typical phosphate fertilizer combines with the calcium to form calcium phosphate, a precipitate.

You can use soluble calcium nitrate or soluble potassium (Nutri-K) with litle problem. Irrigation supply centers should stock both or you could contact manufacturers like Millers, Viking Ship, etc.

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Should give children nice strong teeth, though.

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Thanks bmoser! Googling here to decipher........ What I do know is, our water supply (from the Kansas River via city water)is somewhat hard, soooo I'll need to do some research with the companies you've mentioned.

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Thanks pnbrown! Only problem is.......... my children wear dentures..... ;)

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Low or no phos and the liquid ferts work best in mine. Many brands available. Granulars like MG have to be pre-dissolved to the n th degree and even then carefully filtered before use.


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Thanks Dave! Hadn't given much thought to using a liquid fertilizer. All this fertigation process is very new to me, so I plead ignorance at this juncture.... Back to the web......


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Ummkkk......... I've researched organic liquid fertilizers & I'm a bit confused (as usual). Does seaweed stand alone when used in my injector or is it designed to be a supplement to another fertilizer?

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Seaweed is usually best used as an additive to fertilizer such as with fish but will enhance any nutrients in the soil or compost that are already existing.

There's also a complete soluble powder fertilizers that has come on the market that seems ideal for an organic option for the Ez-Flo may be worth a try. see link below

Here is a link that might be useful: organic plant magic - alternative to miracle grow

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