Lexington MA Garden Party and Swap!

mrtulinMarch 29, 2011

Hi Container Gardening Friends,

I know a few people here aren't too far from Lexington, and there may be local lurkers, too. I want to extend this invitation to anyone who can get here. There's one thing I need to check out before I pick the date.

To see the entire thread please go to the NE Forum.Please post your questions and offers of assistance on that thread, not here.It will be easier to keep track of things if they are all in one place.

Silly of me, but I just realized some container gardeners will add a whole new element to our swap! Root away, cuttings and divisions!


Would you be interested in coming to a Garden Party and Plant Swap in late spring, on a Saturday in June?

There are new people on the forum and familiar faces I haven't seen in a long time.Unless someone else was was planning on hosting one, I'd like to offer my place in Lexington as a site.

"Garden Party" is not usually part of a Plant Swap, I know. However,this winter brought snowstorm after snowstorm,and foot upon foot of it. I am really in the mood for a Party!

So "party" invites you to wear flowered shirts,skirts,dresses,hats and boutoniers with your jeans and sneakers. "Party" also means fun! Put names and faces together,enjoy conversation and learning and, of course, get new plants.

And "Swap" invites you to start dividing,digging,seeding and thinning your plants to share with others.

One thing I'd like to add this year is an informal workshop or two.I was thinking one on beekeeping (I know someone and keep bees myself)and perhaps container gardening principles.

Also, a swap is a great place to off-load old gardening books and magazines, unused gardening supplies and tools.I've got books from a swap 5 years ago that it is time to pass on.

One thing so I don't look like a host who dumps her responsibilites:I will ask someone else to coordinate refreshments, Experience taught me the host gets very busy cleaning up and doing her own weeding to handle refreshments as well.

I'll post more about the mechanics of a swap later.

Finally,YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE PLANTS TO OFFER!Come with empty hands, leave with a full car.People with older gardens love to give away their extras instead of composting them. New gardeners and people with new gardens are especially welcome.

Looking forward to this being a lively post.

Marie aka Idabean

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Idabean....you are so nice to invite us over to your home for a Garden Party!!! Thank you for the kind gesture...

I am a little to far from you...but if i had the opportunity to visit with you all then i would love too!

Sounds like a great time to meet everyone in your area...

Good luck to you and the Garden Party in June...

Im sure that you will have others that will be closer to you and will be able to attend...

Thanks again for the kind invitation....

Take care everyone....

Laura in VB

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You are so kind!I wish you could come.Maybe someone will take pictures and post them for us.My camera's battery is dead, and for some reason I am positively adverse to taking photos...of anything. I'll lean on people to bring their cameras.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Idabean...Thank you for the nice compliment....

I really wish that i could come....sounds like a great time...

Please post pictures..that way the ones that cant maake it that far can feel like we were there..at least in spirit!!!

Have a great day Idabean...

Laura in VB

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Yes Laura, if you could come , maybe you would would meet me in person and I you!:-)

Hi Marie:

That is a VERY kind gesture on your part and maybe I can pass the word onto people I know that live in our area!
It sounds like an exciting time although I don't have much myelf to offer.
I am one of those that would love to come home with a bag of good stuff though..lol

I will look and see if I can make it and I will try to help you in any way if need be. Let me do some thinking and get back to you or you me in e-mail.

Maybe I can even give some pointers I learned from Al and others about container gardening?

Thanks Marie and have a GREAT day Laura!


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How about a hands demonstration of gritty mix? I'll bet no one on that forum uses it, and I'm sure many have summer containers.

Like I said, come empty handed leave with a carload.
Perhaps you could root cuttings of easier plants....like a begonia?

Just a thought.

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Hi Marie///What is your e-mail. I can't find it!


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