Chionodoxa sardensis and Scilla siberica Spring Beauty.

linnea56(z5 IL)November 5, 2010

A few questions about these two: I'd had both before but don't recall the details.

Bloom time : I'm trying to plan a succession here. I THINK the scilla blooms first: but I'm not sure if it is done by the time the Chionodoxa shows up. I don't want to see 2 different blues duking it out.

Foliage: does one persist longer than the other?

And, how large are the leaves? One area I need to "hide" the leaves more.

Lastly: are either of these bulbs tasty to squirrels, et al, like crocus are? I can protect some with hardware cloth, but sure don't want to do that, where I don't have to.

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Scilla blooms slightly earlier, like a day or two maybe, but they are essentially both going to be in bloom at the same time under the same conditions of sun, soil, etc. I think the Chionodoxa flowers tend to last a little longer than the Squill.

I don't really pay much attention to how long the foliage of either lasts, because it's very fine and kind of "disappears" into the other stuff growing around it. I have a lot of both that have naturalized into the grass, and on those they completely disappear into the lawn, being essentially the same size, shape, and texture as blades of lawn grasses.

I've never known anything to eat either of these bulbs, unlike say crocus or tulips. And, I have a LOT of animal issues in my yard. So, I can only assume they must be inedible and/or toxic.

Both of them are very nice, nice plants.

Personally, I could see them being used very effectively BLENDED TOGETHER. I think the variation in shape and color would play off nicely together. Especially if you added another dimension by mixing in something white that blooms at the same time. But, that's just me, maybe not what you're going for.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Thanks! Interesting idea, blending together. They are going to be planted with Little Beauty dwarf tulips, and that combination planted around hosta. Also in the bed are heuchera that are mostly purple leaved. I hope the emerging leaves of the hosta will hide the ripening foliage.

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