Tender summer bulbs froze in containers, no good?

jerem(5b)November 21, 2010

Its my first year growing bulbs and i planted some in pots and i was waiting for the foliage to die back outside and turn yellow and it snowed last night and the pots froze completely, im assuming since it froze they are most likely dead right?

Anemomes, Red Spider Lily, Pink Fairy Lily. Not a big loss but just curious as its a first time.

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manda3(8a DFW Texas)

Anemones should be fine.

Red Spider Lilies can get to 0 Fahrenheit
Pink Rain Lilies can get to 10 Fahrenheit

I would take them in now and just see if they get mushy or not.

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I agree -- none of those are truly tropical plants, they all are from semi-tropical or mild temperate zones or higher altitudes in the tropics.

I bet they are probably OK.

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