Anemone coronaria inquiry for zones 8+

jlb326November 18, 2011

I am located in zone 5A and am curious about what happens when you plant Anemone coronaria such as the ones pictured here do they stay dormant all winter and then come up in the spring? Or do they start to grow right away since they are better for warm climates? Can I plant them indoors in a pot in zone 5 and bring them out in spring...they don't need a cold period but do they have to remain dormant??

Here is a link that might be useful: Anemone coronaria

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Yes, you can plant them in pots and keep them indoors.
However, keep them on the cool side - about 45F to 50F.
When you first plant them up (about five corms to an eight inch pot) keep them dry-ish. Barely damp mix until their leaves start showing. Then you can water up to twice a week - and feed every ten days using a liquid fertiliser, once the leaves are growing well. (If you grow Anemone blanda - they're very similar as to growing conditions.)

Make sure the potting mix you use drains well and the pot has plenty of drainage holes.

Fresh air is good for keeping mould at bay - and they prefer good light, otherwise they straggle.

Treat them as you would a Cyclamen - remove the dead heads to keep them producing, and cut the stem at soil level - very short stubs.

They probably won't do well in a pot for two years in a row so you will have to plant out into the garden when the corms have lost the leaves and gone dormant.

BTW you may be able to get other colours: a mauve-blue, white, strong cerise - and doubles, too. They all seem equally tough.

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