Daffodils and Bluebells - how big a mistake is this?

tam91November 6, 2011

I purchased a bunch of mixed daffodils from Sams Club (good deal) and planted them around the yard. Unfortunately, after deciding they would look pretty around a tree I remembered - I planted Virginia Bluebells around the same tree. Sigh.

I hope I didn't kill the bluebells digging to plant the bulbs - no sign of them there.

But - will these bloom at the same time? If not, who's first? Is this going to look awful, or will I get lucky and the one bloom to cover up the other's foliage.

I'm in Illinois, not too far south of the WI border, if that matters.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

There's no way to tell until spring. Daffodils have a broad season of bloom. Some start in very early spring, and then there is a steady progression of bloom into early summer, all of this depending on the variety you plant. So, there are definitely some daffodils that will bloom with Va. Bluebells, but in a bulb mix, you have absolutely no way to know until they bloom.

If you didn't disturb the Bluebell's roots too much, they should be alright.

Look at it this way. Everyone likes surprises!

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It seems that bluebells and narcissus would look good blooming together, if they do in fact bloom at the same time.

If you didn't encounter them while you were digging, hopefully it means you missed them.

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Well, I guess I'll find out then. I can't believe I forgot about the bluebells. Hopefully I didn't kill them - but there's lots more in the back yard, I guess I can always transplant more if necessary.

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