Van Engelen Sale--New Items

dhaven(z5 IA)November 12, 2010

Van Engelen has added many new items to their 40% sale. Most likely these are the 'extras' from John Scheepers, as thte they are all items that were previously sold out on the Van Engelen website. They have quite a few new lilies that weren't previously on sale, a whole bunch of minor bulbs, some new daffs, and lots of new tulips. Lots of other things, too.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I spent a beautiful day outside planting my v engelen bulbs. The tulips bulbs were HUGE, I forgot how big top quality bulbs are and can't wait for the blooms. When they came via UPS I was a little frightened by how heavy the box was but once I got planting it went pretty fast... but I admit that for the small bulbs, planting was the shallow grave approach.... One or two scoops with the shovel, toss in a handful of bulbs, dump the dirt back. Done.

My MIL couldn't understand why I bought more flowers... whats up with that? duh. I obviously needed more.

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I am a bulboholic, I freely admit it. It's a sickness, and it cannot be cured. Family members shake their heads at me and feel it's a lost cause...'we can't help her,,, poor thing,,,we don't know what to do'. lol

I was finished 'bulbing' this year, so I thought, until I checked the Van E. website last night and found the 40% sale going on....well of course I succomed. I'm going to try a few Fritillaria palliflora, and persica Ivory Bells. Got some Dutch Iris Eye of the Tiger - the color of these has always caught me eye,, even though they're a short bloomer, en masse it should be neat. Some allium atropurpureum, and karativiense Ivory Queen. A few Eremurus Cleopatra, and mixed miniature narcissus and species tulips. Not too many of the tulips, as the area I'm putting them is not close to the house and the bunnies and deer will get them if I forget to spray. My fix is satisfied. I hope I got them all, I won't get a confirmation until tommorrow.

Hey - they've still got Galanthus Flore pleno's in stock, the doubles. Go for it people. I've got loads of snow drops already, and these too. They look so great mixed with Helleborus nigers. Ahhhh....

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