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Kelley1212January 31, 2013

Hi, all! Attached is a picture of the avocado seed that I have been germinating in water for 6 weeks. It has split completely, the roots are both 5-6 inches long, and there has been a visible tiny green sprout in the middle of the seed for about a week now. It has recently (in the past two weeks) developed these "growths" on the roots and around the tiny sprout in the middle. They are white, they come off if I rub on them, and they grow back within a few days. Is this a fungus? Is this harmful to my seed?

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Those are nodules...leave them there, they're harmless even if not commonly seen on avocado roots.

Rinse the roots and move to soil.

Avocados are susceptible to nodule forming nematodes, but you're not going to get those rooting them in water.

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