gardengalrn(5KS)January 7, 2012

I've never grown peanuts but ordered some Virgina Jumbos as a novelty for my home garden. I'm in central KS, wondered if anyone has grown them in my zone and would have any tips for me? Lori

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Plant seed 2 or 3 per linear foot in a row with rows 3 feet apart. The seed should be about an inch deep. You MUST control weeds, peanuts will not produce worth 2 cents if they are overrun with weeds. Peanuts need moderately fertile soil. They are very susceptible to drought. The plants can take the heat, but lack of water seriously reduces the yield. They are legumes and will make most of the nitrogen they need. Don't expect huge yields from peanuts, they typically produce about half a pound of peanuts per plant.

Sandhill Preservation has 3 varieties available this year so if you get a wild hair and want to grow some different varieties, get Black, Schronce Black, or Bramling Pink and have some more fun. Black is relatively short season. It will mature a crop even as far north as New Hampshire. Schronce Black is about a week later but has darker peanuts. Bramling Pink is a more generous producer but takes a few days more to mature.


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If you have any squirrels in the area they will dig them up so you will need a deterant.

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dave_f1 SC, USDA Zone 8a(7b)

If you have a well-drained sandy loam type soil you can grow them successfully. Soil should be in the mid 60's when you plant, I would think at least a few weeks after the last freeze. As mentioned, very important to water consistently, at least through the flowering period. Then allow to dry out a bit between waterings near harvest time. You might expect something like 20-50 peanuts per plant. You may want to consider growing a few plants in well-watered pots, if you're just enjoying them for the novelty of it. Unique growth habit.

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Make sure that the soil has enough Ca.,and lime.Ca will help filling the pods.Add lime in the soil so that pegs get easily fixed in the soil.Since you are in zone 5 peanuts may not reach to fully ripening stage.
I am posting the peanut pic. from my garden.

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