Gopher (groundhog) problems

zaffisc(Utah)November 12, 2010

I've had groundhog digging in my yard since I moved in 2 years ago. This year they have been horrible, and all the neighborhood yards look like landmines went off. We've all tried various means to erridicate them, but no luck. The fenced part of my backyard had 2 new large mounds this last week. I stuck a pitchfork into their tunnels to try to collapse the worst of them, and packed the dirt they excavated back into the ground. I'm sure my hyacinths and tulips are catching the worst damamge and probably some crocus.

I've read that daffodils are a deterrent and possibly poisoness to rodents (also have voles/moles/field mice). So I'm trying an experiment. I bought a whole bunch of Golden Harvest daffodils and lined my wooden fence, inside and outside, with them. (They were 50% off at Lowes). So, I'll see if they make it thru the winter, and if they really do keep the rodents out of the back yard.

Has anyone else had luck with Narcissus borders as a rodent repellent?? Also thinking of buying those sonic battery operated sticks you put into the ground -but have heard mixed reviews about them. Getting desperate to keep my perennials safe (have many daylilies and Iris as well).

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

Anything that thumps or vibrates the ground will drive them away. There are traps that work as well. Messy though. Never tried the plant thing. Poison peanuts work well. They go into the tunnels so pets cannot get to them.
Just FYI a groundhog is a Marmot not a gopher.
I to live in Utah and deal with gophers every day. Having had Horses for years The gophers were not a problem until I got out of the Horse Business they came into my yard with a zell.
I have so far won the battle. Bait, sonics and traps. They have 2 to 3 litters of babies each summer. SO determination is the key to win the battle. Hope this helps.

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