Should I plant perennials ON TOP of flower bulbs?

robcorreiaNovember 26, 2007

Hello fellow gardeners,

I started a new bed by planting lots of different bulbs and now I need some hardy perennials to cover the area.(It's the foundation planting in my front yard).

Can you plant ANY kind of plant by flower bulbs?

Do you plant those ON TOP of the bulbs? Do they grow THROUGH the perennials or should I avoid planting on top of the bulbs? Can't seem to find the answer anywhere, so I really appreciate any help from my experienced friends!

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I plant bulbs in fall, and the perennials in spring. However, in no-frost, low-frost areas, there isn't any clear time for planting one thing and not another. You could stick with low-growing "gentler" ground cover perennials right on top of the bulbs. By "gentler", I mean NOT English Ivy--very few bulbs can push through that. Sedums would probably work okay, and vinca is pretty much okay in my experience. Or, you could wait until the bulbs start to come up (the spring planting time in my area) and then plant between the bulbs. That's probably the safest option with already-planted bulbs.

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hopflower(z8/z15 CA Sunset)

You can also plant annuals on top of bulbs if you want to save the area for bulbs to either repeat themselves the following year, or for you to replant the area with bulbs. You can change the annuals you choose each year as well.

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I have over planted bulbs with pansies and had blooming plants all winter with the bulbs easily coming up through them, in my case Jonquilla hybrids. Al

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Guys, thank you so much for all your advice!

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I stick bulbs below my lantana and salvias. Usually, I plant the daffodils down deep them plop the perennials on top in spring right between the foliage.

Later, if I want to add more bulbs, I sut the perennials off to stubs in winter, then plant my tulips around the base and through the roots. These plants are so tough they don't seem to mind...unless of course I pull the roots out.

I do the same with canas but they are harder to plant around later and tougher for the bulbs to come through.

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