Big Boy Tomato.....

margaretmom(6)March 19, 2011

Hi everyone. I've got several varieties of tomatoes (Big Boy, Super Beefsteak, Steak Sandwich) growing nicely in cowpots. As a matter of fact they are growing so well the roots are exiting the cowpots, so this weekend I think I need to do something fast. Our estimated last spring frost isn't until the end of April. I was going to put them in-ground at that time, but I'm thinking instead of transferring them to containers and keeping them in my bay window where they'll get sun. I've been trying to research the size container I should use. I'm imagining it'll be different for each variety because they each grow to different sizes. The Big Boy is estimated to grow 8-10' tall! Does anyone have any idea what size pots I should be looking at?

This is the first time I've started a garden on my own and I really want it to do well.

Thanks! Margaret

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sprtsguy76(Santa Clara Ca. 9b)

So what your saying is your considering growing them in containers rather than in the ground right? If so I would recommend 10-15 gallon size containers for just about any indeterminate tomato. You can go smaller but the smaller you go the more you will have to water in the heat of the summer. And if you really want them to thrive check out A1's 511 soil mix.


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10-15 gal? Wow! I would have def gone too small. Thank you. I'll check out the soil mix also.

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Why not put them in larger pots now and plant them in the ground when you expected to do it. I plan to pot up two or three times before I plant my tomatoes in the ground.

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Hi ljpother. Have you tried this before. I thought about potting up (which I think I may end up doing) but I worry. I know tomatoes transplant well, but I wonder if they would suffer as a result of multiple transfers.

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Repotting stimulates them. I would repot at least 3 times before they went outside. I live in your zone and many times I couldn't put them out until late May.

You need to make sure the weather is stable and the soil temps warm or they will rot.

Don't even try to grow them indoors unless you have a greenhouse. I use a regular bagged mix for tomatoes. They grew like weeds!


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I never knew that! I thought re-potting in general was stressful (and therefore deleterious) to plants. I'm so impatient about putting them outside, but I'll wait till May also. I really would feel awful if I lost them.


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