Are dried Cyclamen tubers viable?

macroclemysNovember 18, 2013

I just purchased a couple of tubers of hardy Cyclamen coum. They were completely dried and hard, so I assumed they are supposed to be like that (like Anemone blanda corms). I cannot find any information on the web to suggest that this is normal. Does anyone have experience with this?


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In my experience, if they're totally dried out..they're dead (true of most bulbs).

Cyclamen don't like to be treated bareroot at all.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

They might be viable. Might.

Use a small and not too deep pot. (One serve yoghurt pots are useful, with a generous hole in the bottom.)
Very free-draining mix.
Small and sharp grit on the top.
Dampen the mix as you would for seed raising and let it drain.

Make a small thumb press in the middle of the gritty topping and rest the Cyclamen tuber in it. Put it somewhere friendly - dappled light, occasional rain, free of big wet falling leaves and romping wildlife. Check it from time to time.

If it has not ventured any leaves after a month then it has probably Gone Too Far. You'll know if it has because it will have a) collapsed into a hollow shell b) rotted away entirely c) become a corky mummified lump.

Here's to fresh leaves!
Which is not to say that it won't dash your hopes later on... But, you're a gardener, and you know that ;-).

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May I suggest you buy potted live plants if you want to grow cyclamen (I recommend them in growth...)

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Thank you for your help. I soaked them overnight and potted them, and they are becoming soft. I will give them a couple more days and if they deteriorate I will try to get my money back.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I have grown cyclamen from bulbs that were mail ordered from Brent and Beckys and also some that were in those little bags of peat moss that are sold in very early spring. The bulbs were brown, hairy, and firm. (You could say dry, but not dessicated.)They all came up. They all come back. The trick is to find the right place for them. They need shade. They need it to be hot and dryish in the summer. They need the soil to drain well. I mixed sharp gravel into the soil in an area of my shade bed and planted them there.

They are gorgeous and a joy to behold every fall and winter.

I'm not saying that every single potted cyclamen is unsuitable for outside garden beds, but I believe that most are. Those are usually hothouse varieties that are suitable only for houseplants. You want cyclamen hederifoliums or coums for your garden beds.

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Good luck...I did once get one plant from a bareroot source. It's really unnatural for them to be dry it's hard on them seems.
Any reputable online nursery will provide potted rooted plants.

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I will try again next year. I just got a refund for the bulbs. Thanks to all!

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It's easy and best to grow them from seed. There are sources for seed through some seed exchanges like the North American Rock Garden Society. An overseas source is Green Ice Nursery.

Here are photos of some seedlings from scattered seed. I first soak the seeds for a few hours to remove any sugary coating which attracts ants. I also use inverted nursery flats or wire to cover them until they become good sized tubers that are not so attractive to rodents.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cyclamen Society list of sources

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another view of what protects the seedlings

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