Relative size of minor bulbs

linnea56(z5 IL)November 9, 2010

I ordered from Van Engelen and the order arrived today. I was surprised to see how big some of the bulbs were for Crocus and Scilla.

I'm wondering if this is "normal". Thus far I have bought most minor bulbs locally.

Local Species Crocus : about dime to nickel sized

VE Crocus Vernus "Twilight" half dollar sized.

I couldn't believe these were crocus! But I have only bought species crocus and tommasianus varieties before.

VE Scilla Spring Beauty : between quarter to half dollar sized. They looked like little baby hyacinth bulbs!

Are big bulbs the norm for these varieties? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have big bulbs, just thought tucking the minor bulbs in was going to be so easy! :)

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Arrgh! You got the Crocus Vernus "Twilight" I wanted! I ended up getting the "FLOWER RECORD". They should arrive Friday.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I wanted a deep, dark purple. I hope it is. It will be planted with Little Beauty Tulips among purple /silver heucheras.

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dhaven(z5 IA)

Van Engelen routinely sends bulbs that are larger than you will find from other sources. This time of the year, you may also occasionally receive 'exhibition size' bulbs at the normal price, because the extra large jumbo size, which is typically considerably more expensive, hasn't sold as well during the regular bulb buying season. Some years you will get more typically sized bulbs, but in general they sell top size. Their descriptions will give a size, but I've found that many of the bulbs sent will exceed the listed size.

I just got 50 Delnashaugh daffodil bulbs in my latest VE order, and they were simply huge--the bag of 50 was the size of a 10 pound sack of potatos, and each bulb was the size of a small apple. The Sagitta daffs were also massive--all triple nose, and although I only ordered 10, I received 12 and had to dig up an area twice the size I initially planned in order to fit them all in one spot. There's a reason I've been ordering from Van Engelen for almost 30 years!

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