Unnamed 'Yellow Darwin Hybrid' tulips - what kind are they?

pizzuti(5A)November 14, 2011

I bought 100 bulbs of a nondescript "Yellow Darwin Hybrid" tulip at a hardware store clearance sale and planted them. They were cheap even before they had gone on clearance.

I had read that "Golden Apeldoorn" and the Apeldoorns in general are among the best perennializers within the Darwin tulip class, and assumed that's what these were until I read the label and realize it was not specific.

I'm still thinking it's an Apeldoorn because those are the cheapest Darwin tulips in any catalog, so if a hardware store is going to be selling large packages of nondescript tulips at low cost, it will probably be the cheapest variety to produce (and Apeldoorns are probably so cheap because they're an established variety that is eager to multiply in ideal conditions). But I'd like to have some sense of how well these will perennialize so I can plant around them before waiting 3 years to see if they stop coming.

I suppose it could also be "Golden Parade," and those are also very cheap in catalogs, though I can't figure out why a producer would come up with multiple varieties of tulips that are virtually identical. Perhaps could also be a mix of different kinds of similar-looking yellow Darwin tulips and they could't in good conscience market them as one or the other?

Does anybody have any insight?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

All of your conjectures are very possible, but I seriously doubt there will be any way to know for sure until they come up and bloom in the spring. Even then, be prepared to post pictures and hope for a real expert to see them.

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