Received plant material 3 weeks ago. Now what?

11otisNovember 24, 2013

I am not new to GW but new to this forum, hoping I can get advice what to do.
Due to health reasons I wasn't able to plant what I received from mail order. a.o. Iris, Tree Peony, Papaver. Should I just keep them in their original packages and keep in a dark place above freezing temps. and plant early next year? We had -3C on and off since about 10 days ago. Today was +5 but the ground was still hard.
Thank you for any and all suggestions you may have.

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Fastest into ground is always best. Plants didn't evolve in packaging.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

If the Iris comes from a bulb, you'll need to keep watch for the leaves showing above ground and move it to the light pretty smartly.

If it is one of the rhizome gang then keep it in good light, once you've potted it up, so the young leaves stay healthy. Make sure the plant 'just fits' the pot rather than using a big pot and lots of media.

Because the roots haven't had time to get established, water VERY carefully. Over winter, unless you have the plants in a greenhouse or warmer environment, they use very little water and it can be too easy to 'drown' them or cause to rot.

Be sure to plant just to the previous soil line so the crowns don't rot.

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