What to do with bulbs now that they arrived.

BrianNovember 1, 2009

Hello, last spring I really got into Tulip bulbs and read so much information about them. I had placed my order for 100 bulbs from Brent & Becky's Bulbs last June that included 70 different Tulips, 10 Daffodils, 10 hyacinthus, and 10 crocus. Well now I can't remember what I read and am finding different info online that is confusing me on what to do with my bulbs now. I live in Southern California. I believe I had read that I need to put the bulbs in the refridgerator for a few months and then plant in January or Feburary. And is this the same for my daffodils, hyacinthus, and crocus? What am I suppose to do now? Please help, thank you!

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I am by no means a bulb expert, but since I am in Orange County as well I will share what I know.

My daffodils remain outside year round and I have never refridgerated them before planting. They come back each year and do quite well. Although, truthfully, I cannot remember what time of the year I planted them.

I have grape hyacinths, I don't know if that is the variety you are taking about, but as they are the only ones I have I will respond for them. They grow like weeds here, you don't need to refrigerate them, just pop them into the ground as soon as possibly because they would normally be sending up leaves now.

I am growing crocus (fall blooming) for the first time this year. I planted them about three weeks ago and they are just beginning to pop out of the ground. I did not refrigerate them. But I am not sure what to do for winter blooming ones.

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My tulips are in a refrigerator now and will be planted the first part of December. I like them to bloom before the roses as they add color when there is little. I also want them to bloom before the weather warms up. Al

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socalgal_gw Zone USDA 10b Sunset 24

The tulips and hyacinths should definitely go into the refrigerator. If the crocus were shipped recently they should also go into the refrigerator (the exception is fall-blooming crocus - but Brent and Becky's ships those much earlier). I don't chill daffodils. I've read different things about how long to chill bulbs, from 6 to 12 weeks. I usually go for 8-10 weeks and plant in late December/early January. Remember not to put fruit like apples and bananas in the refrigerator - that can interfere with the bulbs.

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