What to expect?

miclino(5)November 7, 2011

I planted Allium giganteum, hyacinth and miscari white bulbs for the first time. Are these like other bulbs? Does the foliage die off in early summer? Are they generally left alone by squirrels/deer/rabbits (my tulips get eaten).


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Hyacinth and Muscari will have 'gone over' by midsummer. However, expect Muscari to start showing again in late summer /early autumn.

Not sure about the Allium, though the edible members of the family are mostly dormant over summer.

Rabbits don't usually bother the Hyacinths and Muscari. Swamp hens (pukeko) gleefuly shred the leaves of garlic and chives... sigh.

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Thanks, do all three tend to spread over time? I know muscari does, not sure about the other ones.

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The species Allium giganteum never does much for me here. It tends to fizzle out after a few years. The various hybrids like Gladiator and Globemaster are reliable and do multiply, rather freely in fact. I did lose an entire bed of Globemasters to a vole the winter before last, which made me just heartbroken, but this was the only time I've had problems. I don't think the vole maybe ate them, but just lived in the bed and shredded them to make tunnels. Who knows, though.

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