I'm DONE! Done Done Done !

linnea56(z5 IL)December 1, 2011

It was only 41 today, but I saw this morning that it was downhill after today. It seemed like every day in the last two weeks that the weather was decent, I had a class or other commitment. Over Thanksgiving my kids kept me way too busy to even consider it.

Today I had paperwork deadlines but I decided the bulbs did too. After the urgent work was done, I bundled up and went out there. After the first hour I couldn't feel my feet anymore, but what choice did I have? My fingers got numb inside my gloves because the soil was wet, but I didn't dare stop. I was still going til after dark. Luckily I had the neighbor's Christmas lights to show me my holes: good planning on my part, I said to myself, to do the side yard last.

This was among the sloppiest planting I have ever done (not counting the year when after Christmas I lifted the snow crust off and chiseled into the frozen ground to a depth of, oh, an inch or less). Who cares: it's done.

I hope all of you who got some sale treasures get lucky with the weather, and get all of yours in. No sales for me this year. Best of luck to all of you: bloom big.

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YAY!! Feels so good to get things done!! I have about 600 bulbs left to go in the ground and hope to get that done tomorrow. Time just flies by when ya gotta get work done outside. grrr.... Last year I was still planting bulbs in January because our weather turned from summer to winter and rainy it seemed like for three months. I was determined not to have that happen this year but as you see its Dec 1'st and still got bulbs to plant. Judy

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Want to come up here to MN and help me finish mine? I gave into the HollandBulbFarms Black Friday deal. Now I've got 150+ more bulbs to plant! I was down to just 8 hyacinths which I was going to just force. Of course BF was 50 degrees here!! Then, after I placed my order, the temps plummeted to highs around freezing all week. Wondering if I'll be chipping away the frost tomorrow!

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Meantime, in a quiet corner of the garden shed, in a little pail....

And, at this end of the world it's......bulb lifting! Meh!

But the hippeastrums are flaunting, and the Albuca, so I'll count blessings and get to it.

Happy holidays, everyone.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Thanks! Happy holidays to you, too. Heavy rain is soaking my sleeping bulbs right now. At least it's not snow....yet.

Of course, when I say "I'm done," I am not counting the tropical summer bulbs, not hardy in my zone, that I never got planted at all. I brought a few bags of those into the house, not knowing what else to do with them, and saw they were sprouting in the bags. Maybe I'll throw them all together in a pot indoors, and see what happens.....

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