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rosefoolMarch 16, 2012

I will start by apologizing for asking a question that has been asked so many times before. I have been wading through some of the info on the topic of fertilizing JMs in containers, and am simultaneously amazed and overwhelmed by the expertise on this forum. If a few of you would indulge this novice JM grower, I would be grateful. My question is about what and when to feed.

I have a Red Dragon in a 14" pot, about 3.5 feet tall, planted into container from nursery last Nov. in Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix with about 50% extra Perlite added. So, it's growing in peat with lots of Perlite. The Fertilome is quite moisture retentive, as some of you may know. It is just now leafing out.

I grow antique roses and various other things, and have great results using primarily two fertilizers on everything: Yum Yum Mix is a granular organic 2-1-1, and Neptune's Harvest fish/seaweed. Sometimes I add extra alfalfa, especially for my roses, or some good compost. Would any of this be a good idea for my JM? I prefer to use organics, but am not fanatical about it.

I should emphasize that I live in broiling hot central Texas, and though this tree will grow in AM sun only, it will still need to be watered a lot--probably daily for several months. Does this increase the need for fertilizer?

I love JMs, but this first tree is necessarily a bit of a trial, because I do not have the best conditions. Any advice is welcome, because I really want to succeed with my Red Dragon so I can buy more!


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Almost forgot! I just got some Mycorrhizae, I have both a granular and soluble. Can I use that on my container JM?



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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The inoculant won't hurt, but it may not help, either. I'm in the middle of repotting now, and I have at least 20 JMs in various stages of development. Some are potted trees & some are going to be bonsai. This is my favorite tree (we often refer to clump or grove compositions in the singular)

Your soil and watering habits probably have greater potential to be limiting than fertilizer choice, but both are important. I really like soluble synthetic ferts for all my trees. It allows me virtually complete control over nutrition and I know EXACTLY what's available and when. I use Foliage-Pro 9-3-6 for my maples. In combination with a free-draining and well-aerated soil, it's almost foolproof.

Did you read the thread about 'trees in containers'? I'm in the middle of repotting season & don't have a lot of time right now, but it does cover almost all the basics you need to keep trees healthy in containers.


Here is a link that might be useful: Click me for more about trees in containers ....

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Thank you, Al. The thread about trees in containers is excellent. I have never understood root pruning, but your explanation is very clear, and almost makes it sound easy!

The bonsai maple is beautiful; which maple is i, and how old is it?


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