Will they bloom?

north40(z3 MN)December 9, 2009

Two years ago I dug out my daffodils after they bloomed (I know better now not to do this) because I wanted to amend the soil in the small bed they were in. This spring they had leaves but no flowers (which I anticipated). My question is will they flower this upcoming spring or will they never flower again? I know now that you're supposed to leave the leaves die back so the bulb stores energy - so would they have stored enough this year?

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They should bloom next year if they are in full sun and hardy in your area. Al

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

My question is will they flower this upcoming spring or will they never flower again?
I agree, they should bloom for you in the spring, or at least some of them should. The following year you should see even more blooms.

I have some daffs that have needed divided for some time (can you say years?). I know when I dig them next spring (at the proper time of course) and then plant them in the fall, that it is very unlikely that many will then bloom in 2011. Since they have needed dividing for so long, the bulbs have made many splits and each new bulb is then smaller. I'm hoping to redeem myself as a bulb 'mommy' and really get those things dug in 2010 that are really needing it.

Sue...an awful procrastinator

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north40(z3 MN)

Thanks for the input. I'm anxious to see what they do. I had given some to a friend at the same time and she was dissapointed that her's didn't bloom either. I'll let her know to keep waiting.

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