Species tulips not sprouting

khabbab(10b)December 15, 2011


I live in Lahore, Pakistan a subtropical semi-arid climate. Winters are mild not below 5c and summers are long and very hot. One of my friends bought few tulip clusiana bulbs from USA from southern bulbs company in mid october. I planted them on 1st November some in soil bed and some in pots. Temperature was around 22-28C then. But from December 1st, temperature has gone to 10C. Temperature will drop to 5c in coming days.I thought i should have pre-chilled these in fridge but my friend stopped me and told me that he had clear instructions that no need to chill these one.

I checked the ones in large plastic pots yesterday, no roots. They are in bright in-direct sunlight. Put them in a mixture of 30% garden soil, 30% leaf compost, 20% peat moss and 20% sand. All other bulbs are sprouting in almost similar media but not tulips. They are still firm though. Any idea?



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Everything sounds OK to me. Maintain soil moisture and sunlight and I would expect them to grow on their own schedule. Al

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I have noticed the tulip bulbs in the ground have swollen to double size, it think it is a good sign. How much time would they take to grow roots and foliage?

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I would have expected roots and soil breaking by now. I always chill my tulips for two months before planting, but even without chilling they should grow, it is the blooming I would be concerned about. I don't see how you can do anything now ,but wait. Al

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Perhaps it's still too cold and they're waiting for spring to warm them up.

They should be watered well upon planting (not as much after that) to trigger them to begin growing roots.

Most tulips begin rooting and growing underground over winter, and break the surface in the spring. But maybe this is a variety that doesn't do that.

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