Ranunculus & Tulips in pots

gw2010nc(7b)December 9, 2010

I had planted ranunculus corms/roots and tulip bulbs in large plastic pots on 11/14. I had just seen one ranunculus shoot begin to emerge last weekend. But the last couple of days the nighttime temps went below 20F and this morning I could feel the pots as hard as a rock - meaning they were frozen.

The little shoot that had begun to emerge seemed to have aborted - it didnt look fresh green.

Are these ranunculus killed? I am in Durham, NC - zone 7b.

I guess the tulips will be ok?

Should I be bringing the pots into the garage when the temps are forecast to be below freezing? Right now the pots are on my back patio.

Any advice?

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Some of my ranunculus are also showing foliage and when we were going to be at 32 degrees I brought the pots onto the porch, not trusting even that temp.

I'd carefully remove the ranunculus to 4 inch pots and hold those in a protected place. After temps rise, replant. The tulips like the low temps. which is why I suggest the nuisance of removing the ranunculus

Moral: never plant semi-tropicals with 'freeze-lovers'.

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Thanks for the reply. Actually, the ranunculus and tulips are in seperate pots. I brought them all into the garage last night and have left them in there. Our cold spell is going to last until atleast next Wednesday, so I will leave them in the garage until then.
I just hope that the ranunculus will survive and thrive.

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I plant ranunculus into the ground. I'm zone 7b in TX. They can take more cold than you might think. Of course, pots are different and it migth be wise to take them in.

Our soil never freeze, but the surface gets pretty cold and often for several days here between D and Fort Worth in Arlington, TX

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I agree with iris_gal to keep ranunculus protected. Here, we plant ranunculus in soil bed and after blooming till april, they survive our hot summers and sprout again in october/november. No problems in our mild winters :)

I do not think tulips should have any problem at your temperature.

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