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halley_rose(z4 Wi)December 21, 2009

I bought the paper white kit at Walmart. It did beautifully, and now is done. I live in zone 4 can I plant these bulbs, in the spring and have them flower every year like my tulips. Also where the spent flowers were there are tiny bulb like things will these be bulbs? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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The short answer is no. These bulbs are only hardy to about 10F so only suitable for planting outdoors in very mild winter areas of the country.....which unfortunately does not extend to zone 4 :-) And depending on what the 'kit' was comprised of, may not even be appropriate for replanting in warmer climates.

The little bulb-like things where the flowers were are the beginning of seed pods. Once ripened, you could attempt to grow these from seed under greenhouse conditions but it will take several years before you will get a bulb of sufficient size to bloom.

These are relatively inexpensive seasonal bulbs, even more so if you purchase them as just bulbs, rather than in a kit. Just toss them out after the blooms fade and repurchase each fall. Since they need no prechilling, they are extremely easy to force and will bloom within a few weeks.

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