5-1-1, fertilize or not?

Phildeez(9b)April 12, 2011

I have this random fertilizer called Multicote. It is an "up to 8 month" fertilizer with a 9/3/6 ratio. Should i mix this in before potting? I also have MG Tomato 18/18/21 that I can use throughout if I do not fertilize now.

My mix is 5 parts fine redwood compost, 1 part potting soil (2/3 potting, 1/3 local), and 1.5 parts coarse Turface, because i messed up and spilled it when pooring.

The potting soil is Kellogg's Patio Plus. The redwood mulch is pretty darn fine compared to some pictures I've been seeing, with a lot of dust and small particles. I added a small amount more potting soil and redwood to make up for the 1.5 of Turface. I don't figure slightly too much turface will be a problem when I am aiming for hot weather tolerance.

On top of fertilizer, do I really need to worry about lime if my water is hard and has loads of calcium and other minerals?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Phil!

The quick answer is, No, you don't need to include the slow-release fertilizer.

That said, let me give a longer answer. If you suspect that you might not fertilize
as regularly as you hope, then you might consider mixing in some of the slow-release.
I use Osmocote 4-month because I'm not as consistent with fertilizing as I should be.
With a 4-month formula, I can also be fairly certain that the fertilizer will be gone
by the end of the season.

In fast-draining soils, these slow-release products don't last as long as advertised
for the simple fact that we water more often - which has the benefit of flushing the soil.


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Gotcha. I held off, I will fertilize too frequently if anything, withOUT the slow release in there. I was more worried about a variation in the two ratios and that the slow release might have been a more desirable proportion of each. I know I saw that Al uses a fertilizer with the same ratio, but that Foliage Pro has far more micro-nutrients. Also, the potting soil I used contains bat guano and a couple other compost ingredients.

4/6 plants are repotted and looking happy on day one. Just the pair of Habs to go!

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