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lycheeluva(6/7)December 13, 2009

ordered 2 types of tulips and some snowdrops from them as they were the only company that still had them in stock.

the items were reasonably priced and arrived within aweek. so far so good.

i open the box,- The packing order said they had not sent 1 of the tulips because they were out of stock. no email in advance asking if i would like to substitute or cancel the order. then i discover they have charged me for the tulip they didnt send.

then i open the snow drops and they are completely moldy and dessicated. the tulip they did send were mostly in good condition but out of 25, about 3-5 were moldy.

have sent email asking for full refund. the will see what happens.

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their feedback on daves garden is excellent- my order must have been a freak accident

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I feel certain they will take care of it.
I have been dealing with them for years with fundraisers and personal orders. Top notch company. Never had a thing not grow. I really think this must have been a freak thing. I hope whoever reads your title goes on to read the other posts and I really hope everything works out on your order. :-)

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