2013 Spring Plan - Too Much?

robyn_tx(8 Dallas)February 4, 2013

This garden is situated in the side yard between house and fence. I've grown great 'maters, peppers, chard, spinach, herbs, and sunflowers here, so it gets ample sun. Soil is native (Dallas Prairie Woods and some clay, amended with compost and greensand). I'm organic - no chemicals, no fertilizers (other than compost and some alfalfa pellets), no herbicides or pesticides.

This will be my first year of using this space in its entirety with a more robust garden plan, since my soil is finally ready after three years of amending/improving.

Question is: do you think it's too crowded? I like using as much soil as possible to prevent weeds and keep things shaded/cool (this is Texas, you know?), but given that it's in a side yard, I'm still a little hesitant on how much I'm thinking of cramming into this space. Some stuff will be done early, like spinach, lettuce, beets, etc., to give some breathing room ... and the 'maters will be spaced a tad further apart. It is open on both ends for air flow south to north. But I have the pole beans planned at the south end, which would block any prevailing breeze (if you can call wind movement in Texas heat "breeze" LOL).


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I think it looks fantastic, however when I look at these images I think of the food it provides.
If you have the room, apparently do, I'd do it.
Doesn't look as nearly as crowded as some square foot gardening I've seen.
Also I bet your a very meticulous gardner

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Looks like you're going to have a beautiful garden! I'd rather have veggies growing in available space than weeds so I agree with the spacing. If something does need more room later you could put it where your cool-season crops were. Love the plan with pictures!

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potterhead2(z5b NY)

What varieties are you growing? If those tomatoes are large indeterminates (like Sun Gold or Brandywine) then I think they are spaced way too close. If they are determinates (like paste) then it is fine. I think the summer squash is spaced too close. Everything else looks good.
It looks like you are using Kitchen Gardeners International's planting guide. I'm using it this year too. Did you know you can edit the names of the vegetables? Just double click on the plant and you can edit the name and even change the spacing! I love it.

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robyn_tx(8 Dallas)

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, veges win over weeds any day.

Not sure I'd describe myself as "meticulous" LOL ... but I do like to plan it out, so when (not if!) I have a failure or two, I've got something that can fill the space. Besides, what's a gal to do when it's 65F outside, but knows a good freeze is still coming? Plan gardens!

Potterhead, the program I use is Totally Tomato Garden Planner - I think it's great. I like it enough I pay for it every year. This year's tomatoes are mostly indeterminate, mostly heirlooms: Red Pear, Black Cherry, San Marzano, Sungold Hybrid, Mexico Midget and Blush Juliet. All small varieties, which is easiest here in the heat. I normally can keep the vines alive through the summer and have a better fall harvest than spring. By that time, the vines have taken over where everything else is gone. I usually plant on 3' centers - but this program won't let me show that. Thanks for input on squash.

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