okra in containers?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)April 6, 2009

I don't know much about okra. To my knowledge it's a plant that sends out vines, which is just an inherent part of it's growth pattern. I could be wrong on this, I know very little about okra; if so, please correct me on this.

I've heard that it takes up a decent amount of space with growing. Is it possible to grow okra in containers? If so, please specify what size container you need (please specify this info in gallons).

I have found hybrid varieties of okra that are bush types and thus more compact than their traditional counterparts as a result.

Do you have to train okra to climb a trellis?

What preferences does it have with soil and feeding it as far as fertilizing goes?

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Hi kawaiineko,
Okra is an upright plant, not a vine; grows fertilized same as you would any vegetable.
Look at your seed seller's description of some hybrid varieties' height; stay away from the tall growing Okra, then it will be OK in a 5 gallon bucket.

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My neighbors grew a two okra plants in a 5 gallon container last year. It grew about 5 ft tall and they would get 2-3 pods off of them per week. I don't think this is typical as it was their first year gardening and they were not particularly attentive to their containers. It seemed like a lot of plant for what they harvested. If there are shorter varieties I suggest you go with those.

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I grew Okra last year and it survived and produced 9 months. Every variety is diffent. I grew crimson and had a continual supply. I grew in 5 gal bucket, but consider a trasplant around 5 months into bigger bucket.

Also trimming the plant will give you more okra, causing it to bush out and flower.

This year growing "Zeebest" and another variety whose name has slipped me. Anyways, Okra in container is easy, and they do require allot of water.

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I plant my okra in 5 gal buckets, and thin cut the bottom out of the bucket,leaving the okra in pot.( keep grass out). So roots can go in ground Doris

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