tulips coming up in fall??

mchad21December 7, 2008

Planted some Pink Impression tulips last month, and they are coming up now..! Anything I should do to prolong until spring? They are in a pot. About 600 other tulips were planted at the same time, in-ground and in pots, and these are the only ones to show growth.

Thanks all,


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Your tulips are coming up early because you planted them early. If they were properly chilled before planting there should be no problem, other than being earlier than expected. My tulips are still in the refrigerator, but will be planted this week and will come up in about six weeks. Al

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Thanks Al. They were planted Nov 2, and chilled for 9 weeks.

Funny think is that all my other tulips, including other Dawin Hybrid varieties, were planted at the same time and chilled for the same duration, and those are not up yet. I should have clarified what 'up' meant.

The tips are just poking out, maybe 1 inch or so.

As long as they come up, I'm happy. Thanks again Al.


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