Allium Raspberry & Cream ?

Carrie BDecember 13, 2012

I just purchased 5 bags of allium from Lowes - end of season discount - 75% off. I couldn't resist. Yesterday I bought healthy looking A. 'Gladiator' there for $2 each for bags of 3.

Today's allium were $1.75 each for bags of 10 which are labeled: Allium Raspberry & Cream. The photo on the bags (linked, I hope) have two different varieties of allium. Nowhere on the bag or in the enclosed plastic label does it call them anything other than "Raspberry cream." Any thoughts on what these two allium might be? I'm happy to have them, regardless.

Here is a link that might be useful: Allium 'Rasberry & Cream'

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Hi Carrie, it's these - in the link

I planted these 2 autumns ago but the maroon ones - atropurpureum - didn't lastt beyond the first season . The whites are probably A. stipitatum - which are more vigorous

Here is a link that might be useful: alllium

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Carrie B

Thank you, Paula. My experience with the ornamental alliums here is that most of them last a year or so and then peter out. It'll be fun to see them this spring, and they were cheap enough that I'll be happy with whatever I get. Thanks again.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

If you want some vigorous Alliums, try 'Globemaster', 'Purple Sensation', 'Ivory Queen'(a short one)or A. Sphaerocephalon. 'Globemaster' does not seed itself because it is a hybrid of two different species, but the others all seed around a little too much in my garden. Of all these, 'Globemaster' is my favourite.

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Carrie B

Thanks, ontnative - I have quite a few Purple Sensation & I love them. The "Raspberry & Cream" mix (and the 'Gladiator') were on such clearance that I couldn't resist giving them a try - even if they turn out to be annual in my garden.

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