Can I still plant Daffodils?

coach_grumpy(6a ID)December 19, 2011

Is it too late to plant Daffodils? My ground is covered with a 6 inch thick layer of mulch and compost. Daytime highs in mid-upper 30's, lows in upper teens and low 20's

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6) long as the ground is thawed under the mulch, which I suspect it is.

I still have a few I need to sneak into the ground here in my zone 5b/6a, but am fortunate to be having some very mild temperatures here for this time of the year. It's 52 right now and is to be in the 50s the next 2 days before dropping off into the 40s. No freezing temps on the horizon until Fri night and then it is only to be 29 degrees.

Sue...heading back out for more fall clean-up

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coach_grumpy(6a ID)

Thanks, I'll get out there tomorrow and give them a go. This is my first attempt at bulbs.

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They might come up funny the first year (the flowers might bloom from 3-inch stems just above the ground) because of how late it is - they won't be able to grow their fall roots so it will be too dry for the cells to elongate properly - but they'll return the next year and look like normal daffodils.

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I'm still planting daffodils and will continue until they are all planted. Several hundred bulbs already planted and about 200 left to plant. These are all bulbs I dug earlier this year.

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I planted several hundred bulbs yesterday, 660 more to go. It's been very warm here this winter, and some of the bulbs have already sprouted that were planted in October. I hope to get the rest done by next weekend, and hope for some colder weather this winter. Thank goodness I decided to pre-chill this year.

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