Help! Did I ruin my bulbs (corms)

mangomoonDecember 21, 2009

I planted about 3 Freesia in my garden sometime mid to late November, then come to find out my deck became damaged with dry rot and would have to be torn down completely. The new deck was built bringing the wall of the deck area closer to the back door and giving me what would become more grassy yard. Luckily I had not dropped my seeds for my Spring annuals until the construction was completed, and my 3 corms which were put in the dirt before construction would now be sitting almost in the middle of a grassy yard, so I found 2 of them and transplanted them in the new area. I knew I had one left that I was unable to locate and I figured I would just wait for it to 'emerge'. We just had an unusually large amount of rainfall that we rarely see before January, causing my Spring garden to begin to polk through the dirt. I finally found the 3rd Freesia, so I carefully dug it out roots and all and moved it to the new garden area with the others. My question is, did I damage this corm and the other 2 by moving them unexpectedly?

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With most bulbs you might have reason to worry, but freesia is so tough it can take any manner of disturbance and abuse, and still thrive.

"Don't Panic"!
Kevin : )

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At that stage, you can still move them without disturbing them at all. They will lose a few feeder roots, but those will regenerate extremely rapidly.

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Thank you both so much. I figured had they not produced, they would have come around for Summer time bloom! They did come out of the ground with my not having to pull at them, so I was relieved.

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