Is it mold on bulbs?

gardenerprer(9a Phoenix)December 8, 2012

Hello everyone,
I had planted in Oct end some daffodil bulbs and in that area 3-4 of those had come up and foliage is showing.. but other 4-5 more I had planted there were not showing up at all. I planned on digging and seeing what is going on. I saw green-blue on the bulb skin, more on the brown covering which bulb has. I have attached the pic, is that mold? There is not shoot on the bulb also but I do see roots on that. Please let me know what I can do. I had dig up and saw that on 2 of them, didn't check others yet. Is that why they have not sprouted up? The bulb looks hard though and has not rotten. Should I plant them in pot for this season
Thanks in advance for any inputs.

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socalgal_gw Zone USDA 10b Sunset 24

Are they all the same type of daffodil? Different strains can sprout at different times. I wouldn't disturb them if they've started growing roots.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I would break those two apart, GENTLY rub off any really loose brown coat and replant. They look rather dry for bulbs which have been in the ground. How deep did you plant them? They almost look as if the top of the bulb was out in the air. I don't see many new roots yet, just the remnants of last year's. And the new roots I do see seem strangely floppy and twisted. They usually start off quite fat and straight. Have you had any rain? And if not have you watered? As socalgal says, not all daffodil types or even individuals of one type will behave identically. I'd do as she says. Replant at the correct depth, ensure they have moisture and leave them in peace.

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gardenerprer(9a Phoenix)

Thank you so much for inputs. Actually this pic I took little after I took out maybe thats reason. I planted 6 inches deep feom bottom of the bulb and have been watering 2-3 times a week whenever I feel soil is about to dry. I'll split the bulbs and replant..

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

What sort of soil do you have? If it's sandy or stony then your watering rate may be needed.

If it's more like a clay then it could be too wet down there at six inches - and not enough air getting through.

When you replanted - was the soil pleasantly damp? Or wet?

Daffodils will start sprouting roots in the dry of late autumn. They use their internal supplies to get going.

If you are in a winter dry/summer wet area then you will have to supply the water over the winter-spring growing time.

If you have winter rains that are reliable usually, then stop watering for now. At six inches depth there's probably enough damp to get the bulbs growing.

Being in zone 9 we don't expect summer dry to be followed by instant snow or frost - simply gentle rains. Unlike people in the inland states who do have to water the bulbs to get them started before winter cracks in.

If you have an average to clay-base soil stop watering for now.

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