Help! Just Planted Bulbs: To Water or Not To Water???

elleni(4a)December 3, 2011

OK! I went out in the 32ð F cold today and planted all the bulbs I had space for from my Black Friday box. (The rest will be potted and forced or sent further South.) I finished just as the snow started to fall here in zone 4a. While the ground is NOT frozen, the temps here are now stuck at Midwest Winter-- below freezing for HIGHS from now on. My problem is, with the freezing temps, I am worried to water the bulbs in. I didn't water, but I could, if I must. What should I do?? Someone tell me quick!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Let Mother Nature take care of them from now on. They will be fine. No need to water.

Congratulations on finishing up your planting, though it was quite chilly.


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Don't water a garden with snow on it - it will cause a layer of hard ice to form on the surface and in turn prevent oxygen from getting into the soil and the plants in it. What I've read is that it takes about one month for that to start killing roots, which can even impact your lawn or trees.

If you are concerned about dry soil while there is snow around, you could shovel a little more snow on the spot so that it will melt as the weather permits. This time of year the soil is still warm so the snow will melt from the bottom up - and snow lets oxygen through. Just do not pack the snow with your feet and keep it as fluffy as possible.

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