yugoslavaDecember 2, 2011

I'm trying to have a cyclamen that flowered last winter do the same again but the difficulty is my house is warm. I'm keeping it outside for now and it's surprising how well it looks when it's kept outside. I don't quite know how low temperature has to be before I bring it in. I wonder if I should have attempted to bring it out of dormancy earlier, like September. I love Cyclamen, for the colour, scent and length of bloom. I keep it during winter close by the outside door and it does very well but for now it is still warm. Please give me some advice. Thank you

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Bring it in before it freezes; it's likely not frost-hardy. I think it only needs a cold period of 6-8 weeks or so to return to growth.

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What for Cyclamen do you have
C. persicum , C.coum , C. hederifolium or ?????


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I don't know. I bought it in 2010 before Christmas. It bloomed beautifully and the tuber seemed a good size so I thought I should keep it. I let it go dormant. However, I didn't know how long is the dormancy period for cyclamen. I didn't start watering until late August and found the house was too warm. So, I kept it outside until frost. In my opinion I should have taken it out of dormancy much earlier.

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It no doubt is C. persicum, the florist's cyclamen.

All is not lost, if you can give it cool, bright spot and short days, it should bloom -- I don't know that they're actually photoperiodic, but I've always found that mine, if treated like a Christmas cactus, will behave the same way and begin to bloom.

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