Grow Daffodils in Dec? Got from HD

gardenerprer(9a Phoenix)December 5, 2012

Can I plants Daffodils(Dutch master, Salome and Tahiti variety) right now in Dec? Our morning temp is in 70s but upper 40s in night. Would those show flowers in spring or I am late for that? I got those from HD for so cheap, could not resist from buying. Also, I got some in Oct online from easytogrow and had planted those that time, some have already started sprouting. :)
Please let me know what your experience has been. Thank you.. Happy Gardening!!

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You bet you can. In your climate as in mine they will naturalize and multiply every year, and the deer and everything else will leave them alone. Al

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gardenerprer(9a Phoenix)

Thank you Calistoga :) I wil plant them today...In ground will be better right?

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They will do better in the ground, presuming you have reasonable drainage. Al

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