Where do y'all buy new plants for growing indoors?

maryartist(10b)April 7, 2014

I'm all in with gritty mix, so before I get new plants, I'm trying trying to better my growing abilities.

What are the sellers that you avoid? All places that are not nurseries? Big box stores? Hardware stores?

What are the plant characteristics that you look for? Size - gallon or larger? Type - low light only?

What are the root/soil characteristics that you avoid? Not rootbound? Is there any plant NOT sold in crappy peat-based soils?

I ask because I am questioning my assumptions around houseplants in light of the wealth of information on this forum.


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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I happen to like peat, so would not consider it crappy. I would buy any of those if the price is right, and the plant is not available elsewhere.I have confidence I could correct any problems. I mostly buy plants online these days as I have enough plants already. I don't add many these days. This year I'm adding a jasmine hybrid that sounded really cool. And a black pepper plant. Both from online from a nursury i never dealt with before. I never seen the jasmine listed elsewhere, and I have been looking to buy black pepper tropical vine, and they had it, so i added that.
Orange Peel Night Jasmine is the hybrid I want. I already have two jasmines, and wasn't planning on adding another, but I couldn't resist!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I find that buying plants is one of the most difficult parts of any kind of gardening lol. can guanrantee that you will pay more in nurseries as opposed to box stores and not necessarily get better quality . but that varies by nursery of course ,heck that even varies by box store time of year and particulat outlet lol
Ideal would be to decide what kind of plants ,particular cultivar and growth habit you want and keep an eye out for those. and shop around. Of course if your like me all that goes out the window particularly at plant shows!! lol
If i'm looking for a particularly rare variety or odd cultivar I shop the specialized nurseries ,on line makes that so easy lol If on the other hand I happen uponj a double flowering ,red form of a tree of Xanadu pruned into a mickey mouse topiary at Walmart i will buy lol
I do find thast no matter what I buy or where within a month of purchase I'll find one at half what I paid lol Good luck gary

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